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Gun Box for Travel | Case N Foam EW3524

Gun Box for Travel | Case N Foam EW3524

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Detailed Specifications

  Internal dimensions   348 * 299 * 235 mm (13.70 * 11.77 * 9.25 inches)
  External dimensions   385 * 358 * 245 mm (15.16 * 14.09 * 9.65 inches)
  Bottom Depth   200 mm (7.87 inches)
  Lid Depth   35 mm (1.38 inches)
  Waterproof   Yes
  Material   Polypropylene
  Wheels   No
  Item weight   2.50 Kgs

Tall Polypropylene Carry Case

This Tall Polypropylene Carry Case offers a unique solution for those requiring more vertical space in their protective carry cases. As a taller version of the EW3517 model, the EW3524 maintains the same length and width dimensions, but with an increased height. This design caters specifically to items that are taller or require additional stacking space, without compromising on the case’s footprint. The consistency in base dimensions ensures compatibility with items suited for the EW3517, while the added height expands its utility to accommodate a broader range of items.

This Polypropylene Plastic Case is a perfect blend of durability and spaciousness. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting protection against impacts, environmental elements, and the rigors of transportation. The taller design of the EW3524 not only provides more room for storage but also offers the flexibility to securely transport or store items that are typically challenging to fit in standard cases. Whether for professional use or personal storage, this case is an ideal choice for anyone needing a protective solution with extra vertical space.

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